Special Care Baby Unit


We make small quilts for local Special Care Baby Units. They are put in the incubators to cushion

the baby, brighten the appearance of the unit and make it seem more homely. Each

baby has their own quilt and these are taken home by the parents, whatever the outcome of

the baby’s hospital stay.

It is a project which is dear to the hearts of many of our members and is much appreciated by

both the hospital staff and the parents. Over the past few years about 250 quilts have been

delivered to Bristol.

View some of our baby quilts here

Children's Hospice South West

Weston Quilter Member, Karen LLewellyn Parsons made 3 beautiful quilts, which

were quilted by Midsomer Quilting, and were raffled to raise £1300.00, which was presented

at our Febuary meeting.

Children's Hospice South West receiving £1,300.00 raised by Weston Quilters



At Weston Super Quilts, we raise money through a raffle for a charity. In 2012 this money was
given to Brainwave, who used it to help a particular small boy, so we decided to work together to
make him a quilt. We were told that he is interested in helicopters, so one member made
a foundation-pieced heicopter and it was surrounded by pinwheel blocks made by other
members. A few people worked together to assemble the quilt and it was then passed to the
boy by the representative of Brainwave.